What our my favorite Summer Trends?

Summer Trends I love
Lace top / Bebe / Steve Madden shoes
It is very hard to narrow down my favorite trends because of how many there are. Having narrowed it down to just a few, I wanted to share my reasons for choosing what i chose.  Enjoy!
Trend 1: Crop/ Bra tops
  •  Having a lot of these in my closet, it was a must. I love these because you can experiment with them. Pairing them with many bottoms and layering them as well. With crop tops I usually pair them with high-waisted shorts just to create a very simple look that looks put together.

Trend 2: Bright Wedges

  • Having bright wedges in my closet, allows me to take any outfit and add a “wow” factor to any dull outfit. They are also very fun to mix and match with both jeans or high-waisted shorts in the summer.

Trend 3: Peplum

  • Although I have yet to try this trend, I really enjoy looking at these skirts because I love the special touch it adds to the skirt. I can’t wait to try it out!

Trend 4:Hologram

  • Also another I have yet to purchase, but I have always enjoyed this design because of its reflective material, it stands out to me when I see the hologram print when im browsing the internet.

Trend 5: Mid finger Rings

  • I just saw these the other day when I was walking through Macy’s. I was interested in what they were. I tried one on a found the idea of a mid finger ring very cool, and unique.