Topshop: Future of fashion shows! Check this out!

Fashion shows are one way that a clothing brand can engage with the consumers. With technology being used in evolving the fashion industry, you can now watch live fashion shows and network with the convenience of your home. What could be better? Upon discovering a Topshop video that gives you the inside look of how the use of technology can enhance your experience within the company allowing you the inside scoop. With Google+, Top Shop has expanded their audience to everyday people that are interested in fashion or simply love shopping at their brand. Google+ utilizes webcams that allow us viewers to see what the models point of view is from the runway which is an experience you can never get. You can even contribute your clothing collections from their clothing that is being shown on the runway to therefore showcase your style for everyone to see! What do you think about using Google+ for fashion shows? Check out Topshop on Google+ to get up to date on the exciting changes Topshop is making!