First Day of my adventure this past weekend:

The Grand Canyonsomuchtosee

Something so natural can appear so complex.

Sometimes you cannot even put what you see into words.

Seeing the Grand Canyon was one of those experiences.

Going up I did not know what to expect.

It perplexed to me.

Hearing about it and seeing it are so different.

goes on forever

People can tell you how amazing it is,

But once you see if for yourself it changes all perspectives.

It was a frigid morning when I went yet the sunlight’s reflection off the canyon made it all seem unreal.

The colors I saw were all so different, reds, greens, blues everything it was hard to even tell what colors there was.


I felt a feeling of ease, relaxation and peace all at same time.

Walking the rim, the wind quietly whistling throughout, I felt tranquil.

As I tried to gather my thoughts about it nothing came out, only word I could say was  “wow”.

It took my breath away; I have never seen somewhere that has so much beauty that appears to go on forever infinity.