New camera, means new project

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I wanted to share a little DIY craft that I did with changing the strap of my new camera. Everyone has probably seen these kind of tutorials on the web lately, but  I wanted to share what steps and what my turned out looking like.

First I took 2 pieces of leather like fabric that I bought from Hobby Lobby, cutting them into 2 “D” shapes ( traced D ring )



I then took my scarf, which I just purchase one from Stein Mart for under 20 dollars, but you can use whatever you want. I had to trim the bottom of it to make it the length I wanted ( again personal preference ).  



I found the most challenging part of it was gathering the ends of the scarf and making it fit in-between the pieces of leather and the D ring. What i decided to do so to tie the bottom almost to the bottom with string to make it easier to fit. I used a hot glue gun and a few stitches to secure it all together. 



This is how it turned out, Now its ready to use and Im excited to start using my new camera! 

Like what you see, comment below with comments or questions!