UX Design Course:


Primary User Goal:  I want to book a vacation and want to explore different travel options conveniently.

Secondary User Goal: I am unsure where I want to go, but interested in the best deals.

Business Goal :

  1. We want to be able to track number of page views and conversions of how many book a vacation.
  2.  We want to be able to track page views, and target specific deals for the person based on frequent locations they are interested in.

UX Principles to focus on:

  1.  Don’t make people think to much
    1. Site is distracting and its hard to understand where to even start. There is not much guidance throughout the experience.
  2. Design a satisfying & Pleasant Experience
    1.  This site stresses me out, there is too much text to focus on which makes me want to leave the site quickly. There is no sense of ease in the viewing of deals.
  3. Person can fulfill intended goals
    1.  Booking a vacation should a positive experience as if you are already on the vacation.  Should be a simple process, with few steps to get more conversions on website.