Wise words from Buddha

This really struck me personally with things that I have been dealing with. My interpretation of this was that all those are things that will change, they are things that only will last… Continue reading

Song of the week- Baba O’riley ( The Who)

Been listening to this song a lot this week and since its friday, why not have something good to listen to! Enjoy!

Things to do today: Write your feelings and explore more about yourself

“Surround yourself with those you love because they truly matter. Know that everything is going to be all right. Let yourself go, embrace what you feel. Feel free. Go outside and breathe deep.… Continue reading

What I am obsessed with now

What I am obsessed with now by ashleyalbright featuring a black scoop neck tee Oversized cardigan / Rock Republic black scoop neck tee / Black aztec sweater / Pull Bear tall tee, $26… Continue reading

Monday Quote

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you.” -Walt Whitman Even when I am feeling the most stress I find that some inspiration that gets me through… Continue reading

Photographer of the Week-Bill Eppridge

Combing music, love, and peace all into one place, WoodStock was iconic festival of the 60’s. There is so much from it that influences the trends, music, and culture today.  Bill Eppridge, was… Continue reading

Theme of the Week- 1960’s music, culture, and fashion

Hello, this is going to be my first post of something new I want to do this week, each day this week I will post something new related to the 60’s! Enjoy!

Comfy Winter look

Today Im creating this look off of different scenery and artwork that I saw when I was up in Denver this past weekend.Ever time I go back to Denver, I get a positive… Continue reading

Grace Slick Get this Look!

This week I decided to go in a new direction; I picked up this book called steal her style,and I am really excited to share what I have found inside! As I was… Continue reading

Hello 3 day weekend!- Young Giant

Newest discovery! What are your thoughts? Enjoy your weekend! Haven’t had time to post new stuff and I apologize will try to have new stuff next week!!!

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